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1. Madapuram Yogeswara Naidu VS State of A. P. - 15 Dec 09

Speedy trial is an integral and essential part of fundamental right to life and liberty and accused would be entitled to be released on bail if trial was not concluded expeditiously.

Subsequently, they have filed another bail

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2. Anshu Raghuvanshi VS Ranjit Singh - 16 Aug 13

The High Court or the Sessions Court can cancel bail even in cases where the order granting bail suffers from serious infirmities resulting in miscarriage of justice. If the court granting bail ignores relevant materials indicating prima facie involvement of the accused or takes into account irrelevant material, which has no relevance to the question of grant of bail to the accused, the High Court or the Sessions Court would be justified in cancelling the bail. Such orders are against the well recognized principles underlying the power to grant bail.

of murder and attempt to murder—Respondent had fired at petitioner No.2 and deceased and petitioner No.1, wife of deceased was eyewitness ... that after releasing on bail, respondent had given threatening to widow of deceased and tampered with evidence—Bail was liable to ... Criminal Procedure Code, 1973—Section 439(2) —Petition by complainant for cancellation of bail granted by Sessions Judge in favour ... One eyewitness ASI Gopal Das ... and cancellation of bail are different, if the trial court while granting bail acts on irrelevant materials, bail can be cancelled ... , Guna in bail application No.13/2013.

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3. Mehmood VS State - 20 Jan 09

Nature and gravity of the charge and the severity of punishment in the event of conviction are required to be taken note of while considering the grant of bail.

out of his house and hit on his head with iron rod and consequent to that injury he died—PW1, brother of deceased, claimed to be eyewitness ... Criminal Procedure Code, 1973—Section 439—Bail—Applicant-accused was facing trial of charges under Section 302/454/34 IPC—Deceased ... and stood examined in trial—Bail pleaded on ground that presence of PW1 appeared doubtful as he did not come to rescue of victim ... The bail application is accordingly dismissed. ... pending trial more so when other accused persons are already on bail and that the petitioner while released on interim bail has ... —This bail application has been filed by the accused, namely, Mehmood, who is facing trial under Section 302/454/34 IPC in case registered

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4. Ghanshyam Das Gupta VS State of Uttar Pradesh - 01 Nov 07

He further contended that the first informant is not an eyewitness

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5. Hameed Sarfan VS State by Mangalore South Police Station - 20 Jan 10

petitioner was not identified in TIP by eyewitness deserved to be granted bail. ... and victim died after two days in hospital because of injuries—Statement of two eyewitness of occurrence was recorded after three ... P.No.107 of 2010, is at liberty to file a regular bail application before the Court concerned within the period of anticipatory bail

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6. Allu VS State of Rajasthan - 25 Jan 17

Important Point—At the stage of granting of bail, Court can only go into question of prima facie case established for granting bail.

... Result—Bail Application dismissed. ... Criminal Procedure Code, 1973—Section 439—Bail—Petitioner has been arrested in connection offences under Sections 148, 341, 332, ... of credibility and reliability of prosecution witnesses can only be tested during the trial—Bail application dismissed. ... The same has been filed on the ground that as per the cross-examination of the eyewitness namely ... This is the second bail application. ... case established for granting bail.

India - Rajasthan

7. Nanka VS State of Madhya Pradesh - 15 Jul 04

In these circumstances, we are of the view that it is a fit case in which the appellant No. 2 should be enlarged on bail

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Learned counsel for the appellants also submits that appellant No. 1 Nanka alias Suraj Prasad has already been released on bail

India - Chhattisgarh

9. Ranchhodbhai Nagjibhai Katodia VS State of Gujarat - 29 Apr 21

Point of law :Grant of Bail - Authorities will release the applicant only if he is not required in connection with any other offence for the time being. If breach of any of the above conditions is committed, the concerned Trial Court will be free to issue warrant or take appropriate action in the matter. Bail bond to be executed before the Trial Court having jurisdiction to try the case.

Application this Court vide order has enlarged him on regular bail. ... Application this court vide order - Court praying for regular bail vide Criminal Misc. ... Application wherein this Court vide order dated 05.02.2021 has enlarged him on regular bail. ... 3.2 While referring to the statement of the sole eyewitness, learned Senior Advocate has ... and hence, on the principle of parity, the present applicant may be released on bail. ... The present application is filed under Section 439 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 seeking regular bail in connection with

India - Gujarat

10. Hanamant VS State of Karnataka - 13 Jan 16

(b) Petitioner is ordered to be enlarged on bail ... the FSL report is in the negative and as such this Court is of the considered view that petitioner is entitled for being granted bail

India - Karnataka

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