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1. Rafiq Ahmed VS Ramjani & Anrs. - 12 Sep 06

(a) C.P.C., Order 41 Rule 27 – Taking on record original patta as additional evidence – Held – Patta is basic document – Its true ... copy is already on record – If permitted to be taken in evidence for pronouncement of judgment, no prejudice would be caused to

India - Rajasthan

2. Avelino Rodrigues VS Executive Engineer,Works Division VII,Goa Tillari Irrigation Development Corp. - 15 Dec 11

on record. ... report was a true copy issued to the petitioners under Right to Information Act. ... The relevancy or otherwise of the said document would have to be considered at the time of appreciating the evidence on record. ... to produce the said document and taken the said document on record. ... Upon hearing the learned counsel and on perusal of records, the settlement report was a true copy issued to the petitioners under ... on record.

India - Bombay

3. Narayan Singh VS Kallaram @ Kalluram Kushwaha - 19 Mar 15

Evidence Act, 1872 -- Ss.65 and 63 -- Right to Information Act, 2005 -- S.2(j) -- certified copies of documents obtained under Right ... ” is as under :- “Certified copy” - a copy of a document or record, signed ... I have heard learned counsel for the parties and perused the record. ... when the original is a document of which a certified copy is permitted by this Act, or by any other

India - Madhya Pradesh


Such rejoinder is supported by documents Annexures A-2. A-3 and A4. ... A copy of the revised/corrected Discharge Folio was resubmitted vide letter dated 28-2-1994. ... Insurance Company nor has any evidence been produced by them to rebut such plea and as such we have to assume such statement as true ... show that it is a true copy of the document with reference to the record of the Hospital. ... Original documents have also not been placed on the record. ... Further, it is not clear whether a copy of the document is copy of the original or a copy

India - Consumer

5. Kalyan Singh VS Chhoti - 14 Mar 73

(a) Evidence Act, Sec. 114, illustration (e) Production of unverified and uncertified copy-Such production does not amount to official ... (b) Evidence Act, Sec. 65—Unverified and uncertified copy not secondary evidence — Failure to take objection does not make same admissible ... Further the copy of the document which was not attested as a true copy by any official record ... was not traceable and only a copy of the document was found in the file, but it did not bear the endorsement of it being a true ... is marked as an exhibit and admitted to the record.

India - Rajasthan

6. Gopal Lal VS Nathu Ram - 06 Apr 16

preferred, it is nowhere stated that photostat copy sought to be produced on record, was made by its original and same is true ... of a document - Learned counsel appearing for petitioner contended that as per provisions of photo copy of a document, which is ... reproduction thereof - It is settled law that before admitting photostat copy of document as secondary evidence, existence of ... to be produced on record, was made by its original and the same is true reproduction thereof. ... Learned counsel appearing for the petitioner contended that as per provisions of Section 63, the photo copy of a document, which ... It is settled law that before admitting the photostat copy of the document as secondary

India - Rajasthan

7. Jairam Kushwaha VS Amir Khan - 04 Oct 18

¼iSjk 4 ls 6½ ... (1) Civil P.C., 1908 -- O. 8 R. 1-A(3) -- two documents ... Paras 4 to 6 ... (2) Practice -- stage of evidence of defendant -- two documents ... the true copy of Khasra of 2008-09 was allowed considering the said document to be cogent and relevant to the issue involved in ... Court below by which an application under Order 8 rule 1-A(3) CPC dated 21.6.2017 preferred by defendant No. 1 seeking to bring on record ... 3.1 By the first application dated 8.2.2017 prayer for bringing on record

India - Madhya Pradesh

8. Isiran Nessa VS Union of India - 10 Apr 18

Black's Law Dictionary 6th Edition has defined certified copy to mean a copy of a document or record signed and certified as a true ... a certificate written at the foot of such copy that it is a true copy of such document or part thereof and such certificate shall ... Also perused the materials on record, including the record requisitioned from the Tribunal

India - Gauhati

9. Shera Ram VS State of Rajasthan - 15 May 95

Court to admit such document in secondary evidence is sought. ... on record unless it is shown that original arrest memo has been lost or the same is not traceable and necessary permission of the ... arrest memo — Investigating Officer certified that to be a true copy — This carbon copy is secondary evidence — It can not be taken

India - Rajasthan

10. Datti Kameswari VS Singam Rao Sarath Chandra - 11 Dec 15

They are merely true copies of the private documents available in the records of the particular Department. production and marking ... the public documents. documents sought to be produced are true copies of the public documents those documents can be treated as certified ... However, the true copies of public documents certified by the designated Information Officer can be taken as certified copies of ... - a copy of a document or record, signed or certified as a true copy by the officer to whose custody original is entrusted." ... produced as record of evidence is provided under Section 80 of the Act. ... of a private document, but is a certified copy of a public document.

India - Andhra

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