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1. Dhanna, Bhanwroo and Naga VS State - 07 Nov 85

Where the offence is committed as back as June 1972 and accused is convicted under section 324 Indian Penal Code, he can be released on probation of good conduct by an order under section 360 Criminal Procedure Code.

as the nature of the injuries were concerned-However record showing clear statements of P.W. 5, P.W. 8 and P.W. 9 sufficient for conviction ... Sessions Judge when he convicted each of the accused for causing simple injuries and no warrant of interference in the order of conviction

India - Crimes

2. Ramchandra VS State of M. P. - 13 Nov 79

Opium Act, 1878–S. 9 (1) – accused was carrying a cloth bag containing opium – the bag was seized from his possession–conviction

India - Madhya Pradesh

3. Laxman Lal VS State of Rajasthan - 06 May 05

Cr.P.C., Secs. 389(1) and 482 – Suspension of conviction – Whether even after termination of services, order of conviction can still ... be stayed – Held – Yes, even after termination of services, the order of conviction can still be stayed – Conviction suspended till

India - Rajasthan

4. Vijay Kumar VS State of Bihar - 15 Oct 11

The three appellants appeal to this Court challenging the judgment of conviction

India - Patna

5. Hukumat Ray VS State of Rajasthan - 14 Jan 16

Stay application has been filed under section 389 Cr.P.C. read with section 482 Cr.P.C against the judgment and order of conviction ... This stay application has been moved for suspending the conviction of the appellant with

India - Rajasthan

6. R VS Ahluwalia - 20 Jul 92

In a case of murder of husband by the wife history of misconduct and ill-treatment throughout the marriage may be considered when there is medical evidence of major depressive disorder.

She now appeals against that conviction ... criticise what we have held to be fair and correct summing up, stem fundamentally from the consequences to the appellant of her conviction

India - Crimes

7. Bhagwanji @ Bhalu Sarmanbhai Kodiyatar VS State of Gujarat - 16 Mar 17

by accused that to help family members who were facing financial problem he could not surrender on time could not be considered—Conviction ... It is the case of the prosecution that the applicant was undergoing conviction in Central Jail, Ahmedabad in connection with the ... order dated 23.12.2016 passed by the learned 4th additional Sessions Judge, Junagadh in Criminal Appeal No.65 of 2008, whereby the conviction ... The judgment and order of conviction

India - Crimes

8. Kanubhai Bhikhabhai Raval VS State of Gujarat - 25 Feb 16

: It is well-settled principle of law that in cases like rape or outraging the modesty of a women, conviction could be based on the sole testimony of the victim if it inspires confidence and does not suffer from any infirmity.

Indian Penal Code, 1860—Section 354, 509—Present appeal arises from conviction under Sec. 354 and 509—Sec. 354 refers to 'assault ... However, conviction is recorded against the appellant-original accused No. 1 for the offence ... Sessions Judge, Modasa, recorded conviction of the appellant original accused No. 1 for ... She therefore submitted that the present appeal may be allowed and the conviction may be

India - Gujarat

9. Somaji Udaji Parmar VS State of Gujarat - 04 Sep 17

Learned advocate for the appellant submits that he is not pressing this appeal on merits in respect of the conviction

India - Gujarat


Important Point – Each person has his own idea of self esteem and self respect.

Indian penal Code, 1860 – Sections 306, 323 and 509 – Abetment of suicide, hurt and insult – Conviction – Alleged harassment had ... harassed by appellant for a prolonged period of time – He had also been forced to work continuously for a long durations in factory – Conviction ... rendered in Sessions Case No. 94 of 2010 by the learned Additional Sessions Judge, Ahmedabad (Rural) dated 16.04.2012 recording conviction ... Pancholi alternatively submitted that considering the background of the case, while maintaining conviction, at least sentence may ... Pancholi submitted that the conviction recorded by the Court below for the offence punishable under Section 306 of the IPC, cannot

India - Gujarat

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