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1. Vijay Laxmi Wife of Santosh Kumar VS Santosh Kumar Son of Lal Chand Chhapriband - 09 Nov 16

It is further contended that the applicant is residing at Sambhar Lake and the respondent has filed divorce

India - Rajasthan

2. Suo Motu Reference in the Matter of Divorce Act VS . - 01 Apr 02

Family Courts Act – Section 7, 8, 20 – Indian Divorce Act – Sections10, 18, 22, 27, 32, 37, 40, 44, 55 – ... Jurisdiction Issue – Whether there is exclusion of the original jurisdiction of the High Court in matrimonial matters under the Divorce ... Petitions under the Divorce Act, pending in the High Court, which are at the stage of prior to decree, should be transferred to ... The amending Act of 2001 has changed the title of the Act from 'Indian Divorce Act' to 'Divorce Act'. ... the High Court in matrimonial matters under the Divorce Act? ... the High Court in matrimonial matters under the Divorce Act?

India - Kerala

3. Mamta VS Kailash Chand Agrawal - 22 Nov 21

In such circumstances, the transfer of aforesaid divorce

India - Supreme Court

4. Linish P. Mathew VS Mruthula Mathew - 20 Jul 12

Divorce Act, 1869, Section 10A - The decree can be passed after the date of presentation and not necessary to pass them under section ... Divorce Act, 1869, Section 10A - All the condition for dissolution of marriage was present under section 10A as there was no agreement ... Before the amendment by the Indian Divorce (Amendment) Act 2001 (Act 51 of 2001), the title of the Act was "The Indian Divorce Act ... Section 8 of the Divorce Act provides for the extraordinary jurisdiction of the High Court. ... The question of law involved in these appeals is whether it is necessary to pass a decree nisi under Section 16 of the Divorce Act

India - Kerala

5. Molly Joseph Alias Nish VS George Sebastian Alias Joy - 18 Sep 96

There Is no scope for any other authority including Ecclesiastical Tribunal (Church Court) to exercise power in connection with matrimonial matters which are covered by the provisions of the Divorce Act.

Act to exercise power in respect of granting divorce and adjudicating in respect of matrimonial matters. ... (i) Indian Divorce Act, 1869-Sections 17, 18 & Divorce Act recognises the Jurisdiction, authority or power of Ecclesiastical ... The preamble of the Divorce Act says: "Whereas it is expedient to amend the law relating to the divorce of persons ... as statute has provided a different procedure and a different code for divorce or annulment." ... Act to exercise power in respect of granting divorce and adjudicating in respect of matrimonial matters.

India - Supreme Court

6. Choppala Lalitha Kumari VS Gogulamudi Bhaskara Rao - 06 Oct 05

In this case, the department issued proceedings to submit Decree of Divorce

India - Andhra

7. A. V. Arockiam VS Arul Mary, alias Latchumi Devi - 05 Mar 02

Petitions under Divorce Act are to be filed before the concerned District Courts.

Divorce Act, 1869-Letters Patent (Madras) clause 35, Code of Civil Procedure, 1908-Section 15-Petitions under the Act to be filed ... Apart from the preamble, the sections relevant in the Indian Divorce Act, 1869 (now the Divorce Act) are Sections 3(1), 3(3), 3(4 ... Procedure, the provisions of the Code are directly attracted under S. 45 of the Indian Divorce Act. ... The provisions of the Divorce Act cannot be read in isolation.

India - Madras

8. Elizabeth (Sally P. Lukose) Abraham VS Abraham (Bay P. A. ) Anthony Punnathanathu - 07 Dec 99

Held, that in proceedings for dissolution of marriage under the Indian Divorce ... The IInd Additional District Judge, Jalna, in Regular Civil Suit No. 2/96, has passed decree nisi under section 10 of the Indian Divorce

India - Bombay

9. Vijayan Alias Mathew Vijayakumar VS Bhanusundari - 21 Sep 94

Implication of adulterer as co-respondent is a must.

Divorce Act, 1869 - Sections 10 and 11 - On the ground of adultery petition filed for divorce failed without impleading adulterer ... He has filed the petition under S. 10 as well as S. 18 of the Indian Divorce Act. ... It is also not possible for us to grant a decree for divorce under S. 10 of the Act as the co-respondent has not been impleaded in

India - Madras

10. All Assam Muslim Marriages & Divorces Registrars & Kazi Association VS State of Assam - 22 Nov 18

Constitution Of India , 1950 - Article 19(1)(g) - Amicus Curiae - Enacted for registration of Muslim marriages and divorces ... - Assam Moslem Marriages and Divorces Registration Act, 1935 - Sections 3, 21, 17, 22, 4 to14 - Petitions is related to Assam Moslem ... provides for furnishing attested copy of the entry in the register so maintained on completion of registration of any marriage or divorce ... been, however, subjected to unnecessary harassment by the State authorities at the instance of the All Assam Muslim Marriages and Divorce ... judicial interpretation is to be found in the decision rendered on in the Writ Appeal No. 558 of 1997 (All Assam Muslim Marriage and Divorce

India - Gauhati

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