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1. State of Tripura VS Tapas Deb Choudhury - 30 Jan 12

inasmuch as suit for compensation under section 1-A of Fatal Accidents Act could be filed only in case of death of a person and ... Fatal Accidents Act, 1855 - Section 1-A - Suit for compensation - Appellants contends that Case is not maintainable ... 1-A of Fatal Accidents Act said case is maintainable - Answer is that is not maintainable for reason discussed above - Pursuant ... died due to fatal accident could file said suit for compensation under section 1-A of the Fatal Accidents Act, 1855. ... (F.A.) 16 of 1997 for the injury sustained by him under section 1-A of the Fatal Accidents Act, 1855. ... Section 1-A of the Fatal Accidents Act, 1855 is quoted hereunder: 1-A.

India - Gauhati

2. Uttaranchal Transport Corpn. Ltd. VS Vimla Devi - 16 Feb 09

A) Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, Section 166:- Fixation of multiplier for deciding the compensation in case of fatal accidents shall be ... highest in case of 21 years aged victims who will be starting earning in India and the least in case off persons aged 60 to 70 years ... There were two methods adopted to determine and for calculation of compensation in fatal accident actions. ... Assessment of damages under the Fatal Accident Act, 1976 -The courts have evolved a method for calculating the amount of pecuniary ... In the ordinary case of the death of a wage-earner that figure is arrived at by deducting from the wages the estimated amount of

India - Supreme Court

3. Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. , New Delhi VS Saralabai d/o Shantilal Jain - 04 Jul 08

... (D)Motor Vehicles Act (1939), S.110-B:- In case of fatal accidents ... No is there any necessity to lead separate evidence once the date of accident is proved. ... ;(B)Motor Vehicles Act (1939), S.95(2)(b):- Where the statutory limit of the insurance company is fixed as on the date of accident ... In due course, the claimants filed an Accident Claim Petition in the Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal seeking compensation of an amount ... both these appeals impugn the same judgment and order dated 28th February, 1985 passed by the learned Ex-officio Member, Motor Accidents ... Claims Tribunal, Raigad- A in Accident Claim Case No.93 of 1982, both are being disposed of by this common judgment and order.

India - Bombay

4. Boddu Chandra Mouli VS A. P. S. R. T. C - 24 Nov 03

Motor Vehicles Act – Section 166 – Workmen s compensation Act, 1923 – Disability in non-fatalAccidents ... – Compensation awarded – Case appellant he is earning about selling fruits and vegetables in Karimnagar Town he along with others ... in case of disability to the victim arising out of non-fatal accidents: loss of income, if any for actual period of disablement ... of permanent/partial disabilities, shown as under: disability in non-fatal accidents: the following compensation shall be payable ... Since, the accident had taken

India - Andhra

5. Pola Bhadramma VS G. Kumar - 09 Apr 10

A) MOTOR VEHICLES ACT, 1988, Sections 166 and 173:- Unlike in the case of fatal accidents, in case of accidents causing serious injuries ... ... B) MOTOR VEHICLES ACT, 1988, Sections 166 and 173:- In case of injured ... notwithstanding that the injured person who is unconscious and in a vegetative state unable to fees any pain or suffering and in this case ... Accidents Act. ... In fatal accident cases, compensation amount indeed forms part of estate of the person, who dies in accident. ... Accidents Acts, the rate of amount is for the benefit of the deceased's dependents in as much as the basis of both the cases of

India - Andhra

6. The Managing Director, Dunlop India Ltd. and others VS S. G. Krishnakumari and others - 25 Feb 92

Onus for proof of negligence.

Torts-Accident-Onus for Proof of negligence. ... ... C. 876, as to how the quantum of compulsory damages under Sec.1-A of Fatal Accidents case should be worked out. ... State of Rajasthan, A.I.R. 1974 S.C. 890, has made it clear that the maxim res ipsa loquitur is attracted to a case under Fatal Accidents ... “ In the case of fatal accident, thus, when the victim of the accident

India - Madras


of Rs. 3,510/ - Held, Counsel for the respondents in CMA has argued that in case of fatal accidents, as per the rulings of the Supreme ... Motor Vehicle – Fatal Accident – Death – Compensation Awarded – In respect of death one Kannan in a motor ... accident on 20. 02. 1995, his parents, brother and sisters have filed M. ... of fatal accidents, as per the rulings of the Supreme Court, a certain sum has to be awarded under the heads of loss of consortium ... W. 20 in the case of Fakeerappa and another Vs. ... It is their case that the deceased

India - Andhra

8. New India Assurance Co. Ltd. & others VS Govind Laxman Angne & others - 28 Nov 02

. - The Division Bench was dealing with the case under Fatal Accidents Act, 1855, Much is not required to be said on this aspect ... Case [1955 (48) Bom LR 404] is hence not applicable. Only case [1999 (3) Bom CR 106 (SC)] is followed. ... under Fatal Accidents Act, 1855. ... Accidents Act, 1855 nor under the English Fatal Accidents Act, 1846." ... Accidents Act was in substance a reproduction of the provision of law in the English Fatal Accidents Act and placing reliance in

India - Bombay

9. Kamal Theatre VS Kasireddy Varlakshmi - 13 Dec 01

of accidents due to negligent acts fatal accidents motor accidents or any other accident of like nature - Order accordingly ... surmises or at whims and fancies of Courts - Courts are expected to be careful and cautious while fixing and assessing compensation in case ... of accidents due to the negligent acts, fatal accidents, motor accidents or any other accident of the like nature. ... of a negligent act or a case under the Fatal Accidents Act or a case under the Motor Vehicles Act. ... Accidents Act.

India - Andhra

10. Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation VS Kistoori Devi - 17 Oct 85

are procedural and substantive both—Over riding the provisions of the Fatal Accidents Act. ... (Para 55)(d) Fatal Accidents Act, 1855—Sec. 1A—Compensations to spouse—Allowed on consortium. ... (Para 56)(e) Fatal Accidents Act, 1855—Sec. 1A—Loss of future happy life—Cannot be considered separately. ... Veluswami, which was a case arising out of the fatal accidents was applied in this case also. ... Veluswami, which was a case arising out of the Fatal Accidents Act was applied in this case also. ... 1-A of the Fatal Accidents Act.

India - Rajasthan

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