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1. Azad Hussain VS State of Uttar Pradesh - 02 Apr 92

In a complaint u/s. 498A I.P.C. the Court where marriage between complainant & accused had been performed has jurisdiction to inquire into & try to.

Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 - Sections 179, 180 & 182 & 465 - Jurisdiction of the Criminal Court - Indian Penal Code, 1860 Sections ... Jurisdiction challenged on the ground that marriage between petitioner &respondent had been solemnized at Muzoffar Nagar & Hence ... the case was triable at Muzoffarnagar - Whether the court at Saharanpur has jurisdiction & that summoning order suffers no illegality ... Section 180 of the Code was in respect of alternative jurisdiction of offence by reason of its relation to any other Act, which is ... ), for an offence under Section 498A, I.P.C. vide order dated 5.10.1989 passed by the 1st Additional Munsif Magistrate, Saharanpur ... it was uncertain in which of several local areas the offence was committed, it may be, inquired into or tried by a court having jurisdiction

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2. Ajay Kr. Jain @ Ajay Kr. Kala @Ajay Kumar Jain VS State of Jharkhand - 11 Apr 07

Indian Penal Code 1860 – Section 498A, 323 and 504 – quashing – entire criminal proceeding quashed on ground of territorial jurisdiction ... IPC was committed within the jurisdiction of the learned court below is incorrect and misleading. ... of this court under section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, pray19 for quashing the entire criminal proceeding pending against ... The entire criminal proceeding pending against the petitioners in the Court of Shri Manoj

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3. Ashok Kumar VS State of Bihar - 10 Dec 14

Indian Penal Code, 1860–Section 498A–Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973–Section 482–Cruelty–Cognizance–Court of competent jurisdiction ... With the passage of time, a Court of competent jurisdiction declared the marriage to be null and void. ... of the Indian Penal Code. ... learned Chief Judicial Magistrate, Dalsinghsarai in Complaint Case No.CC/600 of 2007, whereby cognizance was taken under Section 498A

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4. Devinder VS State Of Haryana - 17 May 06

Quashing of FIR - When the police report u/s 173 Cr.P.C. has been forwarded to Magistrate, after completion of investigation and is under judicial scrutiny; High Court should not quash the proceedings at that stage.

Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 - Section 482 - Indian Penal Code, 1860 - Section 498A and 406 - Inherent jurisdiction - Quashing of ... scrutiny the High Court do well discipline itself not to undertake quashing proceedings at that stage in exercise of its inherent jurisdiction ... C.1260, has gone to the extent of criminal Misc. ... it is held that no case for quashing of FIR and all subsequent proceedings taken in respect thereof in the exercise of inherent jurisdiction ... the High Court would do well to discipline itself not to undertake quashing proceedings at that stage in exercise of its inherent jurisdiction

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5. Mohammad Hussain VS Mustt. Rugena Begum - 14 May 10

Indian Penal Code - Section 34/ 498A - Criminal Procedure Code - Section 407 – Allegedly – Jurisdiction ... accused-petitioners that if none of acts which had allegedly constituted offences was committed at learned Judicial Magistrate had no jurisdiction ... divorced from or wholly independent of demand for money raised at - In such circumstances learned Judicial Magistrate did have jurisdiction ... It is not in dispute that the question of territorial jurisdiction of a criminal court has to be decided, at the time of taking of ... to take cognizance of the alleged offences committed by the present petitioners under Sections 498A/323/34, IPC and the complaint ... not only to take cognizance of the offence under Section 498A read with Section 34, IPC, but also of the alleged offence under Section

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6. Arun Khanna VS State of Bihar - 27 Jan 94

Where the wife is forced to leave her husband/in law's house in an offence u/s 498 A, her leaving the house is direct result or consequence of conduct & therefore integral Part & the Court where wife is living has jurisdiction to try the case.

Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 - Section 179 - Indian Penal Code, 1860 - Sections 406 & 498A - Teritorial jurisdiction to take cognizance ... Complaint alleging that due to cruelty she had to leave matrimonial house & came to her parents house at Dhanbad Court at Dhanbad has jurisdiction ... evidence which is yet to come it cannot to be said as to where the entrustment of property had taken place constituting the offence of criminal ... The validity of the order is challenged on the ground of lack of territorial jurisdiction. ... A.I.R 1963 M.P. 128 (Distinguished) 3. 1991 Eastern India Crl. Cases 756.

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7. Ravi Pratap Rai VS State of U. P. - 23 May 12

Ordinary place of inquiry and trial—Every offences shall ordinarily be inquired into and tried by a Court within whose local jurisdiction

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8. Jatinder Singh VS State of Haryana - 24 Nov 92

with complainant here there was no occasion for them to subject complainant to cruelty at find - Court at find has no territorial Jurisdiction ... (Para 3) ... (ii) Indian Penal Code, 1860 - Section 498 A - Parties after ... I.P.c. is set aside being without jurisdiction. ... The Criminal Revision Petition is allowed ... to frame the charge under Section 498A, I.P.C against the petitioners.

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Important Point – Offence under Section 498A of IPC is a continuing offence.

of IPC---Court at Bhavnagar has jurisdiction to try the offence under Section 498A and other offences of IPC. ... ... Result – Special Criminal Application rejected. ... by both Courts in whose territorial jurisdiction acts of cruelty have been committed. ... to proceed with the criminal case in his Court. ... in Section 177 of the Code, reference is to the local jurisdiction where the offence is committed. ... SPECIAL CRIMINAL APPLICATION NO.106 OF 2010: 55.

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10. Rajkishori Devi @ Smt. Runia Devi VS State of Jharkhand - 11 Mar 15

Indian Penal Code, 1860—Section 498A—Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961—Sections ¾--Criminal Procedure, 1973—Sections 177 and 178—Dowry ... offence—Territorial jurisdiction of court to entertain complaint—Offence is not continuing in nature—Occurrence took place at Gopalganj ... (Bihar)—Criminal proceeding at Dhanbad cannot be maintained—Complaint case quashed. ... to entertain the criminal complaint. ... In this application, the petitioners have prayed for quashing the entire criminal proceeding in connection with Complaint Case No ... In such circumstances, the criminal proceedings at Dhanbad Court cannot be allowed to be

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