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1. Ashok Rai VS State Of Bihar - 28 Nov 05

assailants, medical evidence not believed in support of defence version-Prosecution not able to explain the injuries suffered by ... the prosecution case whereas number of injuries found on the person of accused Ram Shankar Rai not being equal to the number of ... on the person of informant not equal to the number of assailants but still the trial court finding the medical evidence supporting ... so it did not believe the medical evidence in respect of injuries of appellant Rama Shanker Rai. ... Rai was not equal to the number of assailants but still the Court below has found this medical evidence supporting the case of prosecution ... , in the present case, has not been explained by prosecution.

India - Patna

2. Mratyunjay Vaishnav @ Lalu VS State of Chhattisgarh Through Station House Officer - 07 Feb 19

does not support prosecution case - Injuries whatsoever found on body of prosecutrix were arisen due to beating by her father – ... made any attempt to call her sister for help - Prosecution has failed to seize undergarments of prosecutrix and medical evidence ... Indian Penal Code,1860 - Sections 376(1), 342, 323 and 506 - As per prosecution case, prosecutrix went to ... does not support the prosecution case. ... (iii) Prosecution has failed to seize the undergarments of the prosecutrix and medical evidence ... There is no other medical expert's opinion contrary to opinion of this medical expert, therefore

India - Chhattisgarh

3. Vinod @ Pappu VS State of Chhattisgarh - 10 Jan 13

If the statement of the prosecutrix is found to be worthy of credence and reliable, it requires no corroboration and the Court may convict the accused on the sole testimony of the prosecutrix.

but medical report did not support the prosecution case—Prosecutrix could have raised alarm and it would not have been possible ... In such a circumstance, prosecutrix (PW1) would have sustained some injuries on her body, but medical evidence does not support the ... Sanmati (PW2) did not support the case of the prosecution.

India - Crimes

4. Panchi Ram VS State of Rajasthan - 25 Feb 91

The prosecution is bound to produce witnesses who are essential to the unfolding of the narrative on which the prosecution is based.

P.4 and P. 5 do not support prosecution . Medical evidence and testimony of P.Ws.2 and 3 not corroborative. ... No pellets recovered from injuries - Alleged injuries not explained. Accused's version corroborated by P.W.11 and D.W. 1. ... Whether prosecution case established beyond reasonable doubt? (No) - Effect - Benefit of doubt given to accused - Appellant. ... expected to support the prosecution story. ... Jagdish Jugtawat and P.W.13 Padarn Singh in support of its case. ... injuries at all.

India - Crimes

5. Mukte Sa VS State of Orissa - 25 Apr 00

and medical evidence not support¬ed the prosecution case — Conviction and sentence set aside. ... and back — If there would have been forcible sexual intercourse, there was possibility of injuries on the victim — Evidence of victim ... way, informed her aunt — At the time of occurrence victim neither made a loud voice for help, a hullah nor tried to run away — Medical ... The defence has examined two witnesses in support of its case. ... In order to bring home the charge against the appellants, prosecution has examination four P.Ws. in all. ... appear to be credible, inasmuch as had this been so, the bangles of the prosecutrix would have broken and she would have sustained injuries

India - Orissa


Court that medical evidence lends support to ocular evidence is also not correct—Prosecution has failed to explain injuries and ... was shot from very close range, thus, medical evidence does not support ocular evidence—Trial Court has also not considered manner ... blackening which was found around arm injury No. 2 and wadding pieces, which were removed from body—These injuries show that deceased ... does not support the ocular evidence. ... of the prosecution and are insignificant, cannot be ground for doubting the case of prosecution in triable matters but if the medical ... We also find that finding of Trial Court that medical evidence lends support to ocular evidence

India - Allahabad

7. State of Rajasthan VS Gena Ram - 24 Apr 97

not support the prosecution evidence – Accused are victims of the assault and caused injuries to the prosecution witnesses in exercise ... inter-related and inimically disposed against the accused persons are self-contradictory and improbable – Medical evidence does ... (a) Penal Code, Secs. 147, 148, 325, 341, 447, 324 and 323 – The testimony of prosecution witnesses who are partisan, interested,

India - Rajasthan

8. Dama VS State of Rajasthan - 07 Apr 93

raising suspicion in prosecution case - Case not finding support from medical evidence - Weapon of offence found not strictly recovered ... Indian Penal Code, 1860 - Sections 302 and 323 - In FIR three accused were name who implicated injuries to deceased but appellant ... where as other witness deposed that the accused inflicted injuries on deceased - Contradiction and improvements made by witnesses ... does not find support from the medical evidence. ... The prosecution, in support ... find corroboration from the medical evidence.

India - Crimes


version—Medical evidence is noway at a variance with ocular version—Direct evidence of witnesses finds full support from medical ... (Indian) Penal Code, 1860—Section 302/34—Murder—Life imprisonment—Substainability of—Presence of injuries does not falsify prosecution ... evidence—Evidence of five witnesses as well as I.O. establish the fact that deceased was done to death at place as alleged by prosecution

India - Allahabad

10. Saleem VS State Of J. &K. - 09 Oct 03

evidence does not support the prosecution about commission of sexual intercourse with the prospective. ... the prosecution. ... There was total absence of injuries on the back and private parts of the prospective. ... Thus, medical evidence does not support the prosecution about the commission of the sexual intercourse with the prosecutrix. ... Thus, there was no corroboration or support from the medical evidence to lend assurance ... In the present case, the medical evidence tendered by the prosecution

India - J&K

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