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1. V. Ethiraj VS S. Sridevi - 07 Jun 13

Sreenivase Gowda, JJ] Property belonging to female Hindu female - Wife inherited property from her mother - Wife died issueless - ... Therefore, her husband, the respondent would get no right in the said property and he gets no right under the Will of wife or under ... Held, Property would revert back to her parents family and not to her husband. ... of an issueless female Hindu dying intestate goes back to the source. ... Vijaya died and her husband, was brought on record as respondent No.3. He prosecuted the suit. ... of the husband.

India - Karnataka

2. K. Varaprasada Rao VS K. Chinna Venkaiah (died) - 17 Feb 89

A destitute widowed daughter is entitled to maintenance against her brothers after her father s death when her deceased husband s ... her brothers after the death of her father when she could not get sufficient provision from her deceased husband s family for her ... was in lieu of her maintenance and to enable her to live on the lease hold income from the said property. ... , since she was an issueless destitute widow having no property to depend upon from her husband s or father-in-law s side. ... Your husband died long time back. ... at an younger age even before she joined her husband and she has no property from her husband s or father-in-law s side to depend

India - Andhra

3. Sasadeva @ Sashadev Panda VS Lingaraj Panda (dead) his L. Rs. Khalli Panda - 24 Jun 16

depends on the terms of the grant in each case - Female in accordance with the rule as prevailing took a limited estate only in the property ... husband Tarini. ... In the instant case, a peculiar situation stands that Khalli died issueless and per-deceased her ... In that situation whether Tarini, the husband of Khalli can come to stand as her heir as

India - Orissa


20 (b) of Act, 1951—To claim "Adhivasi" right a person must be a recorded occupant in Khasra/Khatauni prepared under Sections 28 ... Consolidation of Holdings Act, 1953—Section 9-A—"Adhivasi"—Right of—Whether 'G' has become "adhivasi" on basis of Khasra under Section ... remark column of Khasra was a provisional entry—Cannot be regarded as an entry of "recorded occupant"—So as to confer "Adhivasi" right ... Harhangi and Shiv Saran died issueless. ... of her husband Bhukhan and his brothers Amar and Ganesh have no right over it. ... Plot No. 1961 was the self acquired property of Naurangi and Shiv Saran.

India - Allahabad

5. Sri Ramakrishna Mutt, rep. by its Manager, Chennai VS M. Maheswaran & Others - 06 Feb 07

Even second wife has a right of maintenance as against her husband and his property

ownership right - Even second wife has a right of maintenance as against her husband and his property - Since the second wife became ... the absolute owner, the property reverts back to her husband and his heirs - Section 14(2) has no application - In the absence of ... Hindu Succession Act (30 of 1956), Sections 14(1) and 14(2) - Female succession-Right granted to the wife got enlarged into full ... as against her husband and his property. ... Since she becomes absolute owner of the property, after her death issueless, the property ... (c) When Kumudammal, the 2nd wife of the Settlor, died issueless and

India - Madras

6. Thankamony VS Retnam Nadathy - 03 Feb 11

- The property was mortgaged in favour of the defendant - The defendant continues in possession as a mortgagee - The right of the ... Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 - Order VI Rule 7 - Suit for redemption - Suit property belonged to the deceased ... the personal law of succession applicable - As the legal heirs of deceased, they are entitled to redeem the mortgage property - ... that Kesavan Nadar had died as a bachelor issueless and his right devolved upon his brothers. ... unmarried and issueless and the 2nd plaintiff is a Christian and had married her first husband Madhavan Nadar at a Church. ... issueless?

India - Kerala

7. Nizamuddin @ Saiyad Nizamuddin Son of Late Md. Amin VS Saiyad Shahnawaz Alam @ Laddan Son of Late Md. Nizam - 12 Sep 19

, had died issueless and on account of love and affection, he had orally gifted Schedule ‘K’ property to the respondent no. 1, whereafter ... In the said petition filed by the respondent no. 1, it had been stated that Late Moinuddin, husband of the respondent no. 2 herein ... , title and possession of the Schedule ‘K’ property in favour of the respondent no.

India - Patna

8. Afroz Jahan VS Syed Najmul Hoda - 01 Nov 13

and came in possession of entire property – However, lower appellate court recorded finding that plaintiff failed to prove origin ... judgment of reversal of decree – Trial court decided all issues in favour of plaintiff recording finding that plaintiff inherited property ... of title to suit property because Municipal Survey Record is inadmissible in evidence and set aside judgment of trial court – Documents ... Madina Khatoon also died issueless and her share devolved upon her sister Zarina Khatoon and thereafter on her death the plaintiffs ... being the daughter and husband of Zarina Khatoon inherited the property and are in possession of the same. ... The defendant 2nd party having no right, title and interest transferred the suit property to defendant 1st party by registered sale

India - Patna

9. Sidheshwar Singh @ Sidhi Singh VS Janak Singh @ Ram Janak Singh - 27 Jan 00

becomes indefeasible right of the female heir and a clog of such absolute right, would be against the statutory right and as such ... limited it be the female heir had before enactment of 1956, becomes absolute under section 14 of Hindu Succession Act-An absolute right ... Section 23 of Contract Act Compromise decree construed to be a family arrangement putting restrictions curtailing her statutory right ... Sheo Nandan Singh died issueless. ... issueless) Parmeshwar Karoo Singh Satya Narain Singh Sohan Kuer Singh, Died issueless (D.No.1) Desharani Kuer (D.No.2) Nankoo Singh died issueless

India - Patna

10. P. Somasundaram VS K. Rajammal - 29 Nov 74

Interest vested and not contingent.

issueless on 22nd February, 1951, after the death of her husband. ... Annamalai Chettiar died issueless. ... Subramaniam Chettiar also died issueless.

India - Madras

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